FYB J Mane Beefing With King Yella For Supporting Lil Durk.


On 10/19 Lil Durk turned 30 Years Old. Durk received many Birthday wishes from fans and Chicago rappers.

Coincidentally on the same day, Rapper turned vlogger FYB J mane revealed that all of his music was taken down from all streaming platforms from various distribution sites. FYB J Mane blamed Lil Durk for the incident since they are opps and only someone with industry connections can pull something off like this. J Mane then goes on and curses off anyone rocking with the 7220 rapper.

One of J Man's friend, King Yella who is also a rapper turned vlogger, wished a happy birthday to Lil Durk on his YouTube channel, Yella discussed that Durk has a big influence and that instead of keeping the beef alive, he rather squash everything and be the bigger man. 

On 10/20 FYB J Mane, who is still upset about all of his content being removed, addresses his disappointment with King Yella. J Mane feels Yella as a friend betrayed him and shouldn't be friendly with Durk and if anything have his back, since the two have music together. 

King yella then responded an hour later with his explanation. Yella goes on why he decided to turn his back on J Mane and claims that he is the one responsible for the music take down.

At this point, FYB J Mane seems really upset but it looks like King Yella is trolling based on his response.