Rapper from 63rd FYB J Mane Signed to OTF?


FYB J mane released a video today saying he officially signed to OTF, Lil Durk's record label. This is just days after FYB J Mane accused Lil Durk of taking down his music catalog. At first listen, you think that J Mane is click baiting and trolling. But when you start getting more into the video, his approach and talk track seems serious. He has a whole story about a 2 hour conversation and how some one pulled up on him from OTF to deliver him an OTF chain as a gift. He goes on shouting out Durk numberous times through out the video without breaking character while showing money he claims was received from his advance. Check out the full video and let us know if you think its real or cap.

He then posted another video of him going live with fellow Chicago rapper Billionaire Black and start to get into a heated conversation. Based on their altercation, it seems that J Mane is pretty serious, it even goes as deep as Billionaire saying he gonna catch him in person.

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  1. Lil brother I’m from Chicago but don’t worry about them brothers that don’t see your vision but recognize the ones that do,and always remember a man that think is Dangerous than a man that don’t think.


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