G Baby ft. Edai - Cutthroat N****s (Officiall Audio)

Arab G - First Song (Shot by Yardie Film)

Joc Da Block - Waist Deep (Shot by A Mac Film)

CFG AB - Ready (Shot by A Mac Film)

Cuzin - Tattoos/Turn Up (Shot by Dib Ent)

Young Dolo ft. Hot Boy Poohey - These Days (Shot by MikeMakeMovies)

Pita Head - On Me (Shot by Rickee Arts)

Y.T.S Keese - Throwback Thursday (Shot by TSIMS Films)

Lean Lowkey - Frenzy (Shot by 5 Star Photo and Video)

FBG Bigga - Next Song Freestyle ( Shot by 16ShotEm)

NLMB J Dot - Sweep (Shot by A Choice Films)

Losi ft. The Messiah - Demonstr8tion (Shot by Marquise Films)

Black Jack ft Spenzo - IDGAF (Shot by Exqlusive)

Traee Boss - Brothers (Shot by Toinne)

Brandoo - Nightmares (Shot by DIb Ent)

Big Daddy Deja - Blue Benji Way (Shot by Qncy)

Von Tha G - Love It (Shot by Teddy De Mask)

Bam Bam - Bam Flow (Shot by ACG Films)

Young Chop - Bad Bit*h (Prod by Chopsquad Dj)

IamDuss - Ain't No Sun (Shot By Brandon Holmes)

Taee Savage - Do What I Wanna Do (Shot by Incredible Visuals)

SakrunnaMarii - Actin Bad (Shot by Young Will Productions)

Big ATO Ft. Kd Young Cocky - Find Myself (Shot by Dogfood)

Lil Chris ft El Hitta - God Got Me (Shot by Billy Kauck Production)

Nuski Nu - Ruga Flow (Shot by A Mac Film)

MoreWopp - OverFlow (Shot by Rickee Arts)

Chedda Gotta Glizzy - Glizzy Ave Pt. 2 (Shot By Rio Productions)

Mike Nitti - Act Up Freestyle (Shot by A Mac Film)

Matti Baybee - Diary (Shot by Kaybee Visuals)

El Hitta - Groovy Walk (Shot by Dark Mirror Films)

Cosha TG - No Talkin (Shot by Dog Food Media)

Taia Gabrielle - Down & Out (Shot by Will Mass Productions)

THF Crack - Keyshia (Shot by Chipset)

Rashad Da Gd & Ezie - Chapter 2: The Second Coming EP

B Beezy - Make Sense (Shot by J Visuals)

Lil Josh - Rampage (Shot by Sako)

FBg Young - Drop The Lo (Shot by DaDa Creative)

Song of the Day - King Deazel "No Cappin'"(Prod. by JayFlow)(Shot by LVTR Toinne)

Nane360 ft FBG Duck - Chasing Bags (Shot by Exqlusive)

Kenyadda - Just Like You (Shot by Charles Lomack)

Ju Jilla ft Nut G - Introduction (Shot by Money Strong TV)

Cupcakke - Bird Box (Shot by Azae Productions)

Billionaire Black ft Ron Don - 9:35 (Shot by Visual Shooter)

CutthroatLouie ft. CutthroatQuan - High As Hell (Shot by TSIMS Films)

Rockstar Rodie ft CalBoy - Right Now

Song Of The Day - No Fatigue "Middle Child Remix" (Shot by A Solo Vision)

Lil Chris "Mob Tiez" EP available on all streaming platforms

YBB - Face (Shot by A Mac Films)

Suzi Bee - Gimme Him (Shot by Drake Of Chiraq)

Song Of The Day - Hypno Carlito - Lately (Shot by Pacman)

Young Tee Tee - Mob Ties (prod. by HotBoiDre)(shot by Azae Productions)

D Roc - Poverty (Shot by Will Mass Productions)

Tae Banz - Take Off (Shot by Cannon Cam Productions)

Yung Fly The Phenom - Respect The Game (Remix)(Shot by Bo-G)

AMG Fresh - Not A Diss (Shot by Money Strong TV)

Big Sexy ft. Stunt Taylor - Guy's Point of view (Shot by Camo Visuals)

Doodie ft Prince Dre - In Your Eyes (Shot by Money Strong TV)

Rico Recklezz - Tommy (Shot by Ryan Lynch)

Tae Santana - 62 Bars Freestyle (Shot by ChicagoEBK Media)

Lil Chris Kids - Wanna Be (official audio)

Don of Cash Over Clout - M2 Freestyle (Shot by Lakeshore HY)

Trio Aka Profit - The Regular (Shot by ChicagoEBK Media)

Song of the day - Greedy "O.S.O.S"