B Bandz ft TST Drew - Nachu [Shot by Evijan John]

Benji ft Flash - No Hook [Shot by Cannon Cam Productions]

Lil Trail - Menace [Shot by Rio Productions]

Stephon - Asking Me [Shot by A Mario Film]

YaBoy - Keep Me [Shot by Dinero Films]

Teej - Hardbody [Shot by Ameer YD]

Boss Trey - Green Light (Remix) [Shot by Rickee Arts]

K Killa ft Boss Check - Killa Flow [Shot by Higherself Films]

Tiga Sane - Dead N*ggas [Shot by KC Visuals]

Lil Moe 1300 - Life Story [Shot by KC Visuals]

Kick Wop - Lick [Shot by A Mac Film]

Jordan - Make A Way [Shot by Rick Dawg]

Duwaap - Walk Ups [Shot by Eastside 1080p]

Hation - Chariot (Freestyle)[Shot by Passport Trace]

Indo -Real Sh*t [Shot by Dinero Films]

BMO Dnice ft Young Kae - Hood [Shot by A1 Visuals]

ODD YOUNGIN - Work [Shot by DIB Ent]

DollaGreedy Chalo - I Dont Feel Y'All (Prod by JTK)[Shot by Rickee Arts]

Lil Wok - Gambino [Shot by A1 Visuals]

Yung Moe - No Chill [Shot by Money Strong TV]

Lyric ft Dotchi - I Miss You [Shot by DGainz]

NLMB Diesel ft NLMB Jdot - Oppies (Glockies Remix)[Shot by A Choices Films]

Lil Loui - Ball Hog [Shot by Passport Trace]

Naybahood - Chicago Med (Prod by Dj Mil Ticket)[Shot by Samcin]

MeechMayo ft Von Deezy - Awesome Freestyle [Shot by Drewski Films]

WamTeam Tell Lo - Right Now [Shot by ChipSet Productions]

NMG Jroc -Take It Back [Shot by 1-3-0 Visuals]

B-Hype - WWYRD [Shot by Hollywood Lenz ATL]

Bando PT - Talk My Shit [Shot by 4 Five HD]

Birdd Luciano - Drip For Sale [Shot by Qncy]

Pluto 2x - Maried The Game [Shot by KC Visuals]

DLOW - Issa Workout (Prod by J Bo) [Shot by New Pixel Films]

J Ambitiouz - Next Freestyle [Shot by Tev Desh Productions]

Young Savage - Done Dat [Shot by KC Visuals]

Ju Money - Itty Gritty [Shot by A Mac Film]

Bleu Benji - Gangland [Shot by A Mac Film]

Zay Savage - 6200K [Shot by A Mac Film]

DMG - Painless [Shot by MO Films]

Meremula - Say It Again [Shot by A309 Vision]

SRT Big Shugg ft SRT Kazzy - Blast Off [Shot by Kaybee Visuals]

HotBlockStain - Fish Bowl [Shot by Rickee Arts]

Grzzy ft Memo 600 - Ooh Wee [Shot by Dib Ent]

Nut G - Running Up A Check [Shot by Money Strong TV]

Boo Sconey - Millidelphia (Freestyle)[Shot by A Mac Film]

SG Suwu - No Love [Shot by Ogun Pleas Films]

JUSTaimHigh - Deep Enough [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Loski Lo - Off The Dome [Shot by Cosmiczel Productions]

A.Y.A Jocka Previews Music from his Upcoming Album "Maroon Lyfe"

Rooga ft. VonWorld King Roddy - Gang [Shot by 16 Shot Em Visualz]

Want The Rest - True Story [Shot by Hell Reil]

Tae ft SG - Mimosas [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

Neno Munna ft Cujo Munna & S7eaze - No Smoke [Shot by Dog Food Media]

LGado ft Valee - Two 12's (Prod by Rio Mac)[Shot by Will Mass Productions]

Cosha TG ft Crude Moxie - Tears (Prod by NntySix]

Trillie - Homie, Lover, Friend [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

SMD Bando ft SMD Mack & Savage Da Shooter - 130 [Shot by 1-3-0 Visuals]

Boss Rico ft Boss Lou - Back & Fourth [Shot by Yardie Films]

2FaceCapone - Obstacles [Shot by A Solo Vision]

G Skool - Impatient [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Paperwork - Smell Like Money [Shot by LB Vision]

JayFifteen ft FYB J Mane - Shooting People [Shot by Rated R Films]

Ann Marie - Karma [Shot by Gravitii Films]

Lil Zay Osama - Talk To Me Crazy (Prod by Fatman Beatz) [Shot By Filthy McDave]

AB Fredoo - Truth [Shot by TSIMS Films]

Lil Randy - She Tatted On My Arm [Shot by Qncy]

Jay Honor - Winning [Shot by A Mac Film]

Vin Chilz - Dreams & Nightmares (Remix) [Shot by A Solo Vision]

Cartel - Suge (Remix) [Shot by Open World Films & Ameer YD]

Izo Glizzy ft Tay 600 - Memories [Shot by TSIMS Films]

T Man ft Rack Boy Loso - Rolls Royce [Shot by DADA Creative]

Rio Cheeny - Climate [Shot by Diamond Visuals]

New Ara ft Seven Six - Aint The Same [Shot by Taylor Banks]

Lil Italy - Wild'n [Shot by Chosen One Films]

Rico Recklezz ft Waka Flocka - Man Now (Prod by June The Jenius)[Shot by Ryan Lynch]

Bando Finesse - Big Glocks [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Tzo - Summer Nights [Shot by A1 Visuals]

Kidd Savo - SV Intro [Shot by Natamada Productions]

Mono Banks - Letter To The Land [Shot by Incredible Visuals]

Blayke BZ - Away [Shot by BLayke BZ]

Big Bubba - Intro [Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visions]

Motivated Da Kidd ft Sinceree BME - Rich Porter [Shot by Dinero Film]

TZ Duhh ft Valee - Famous [Shot by DADA Creative]

Mayne On Go ft Saw J - Gone [Shot by Dinero Films]

Goldie Rich ft Juice - Hate [Shot by A Mac Film]

Moses - Go To War [Shot by Chicago EBK]

FG Red - Welcome To The Raq [Shot by A Mac Film]

Lil Mani - Heart [Shot by Rickee Arts]

Bandman Da G ft Prince Trey - Nachos [Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visions]

Apollo 12 ft Lil Boss - New Groove [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Solly Bandz - BEST LIFE (ft. Damn Peso, BossUp Ken & MVP Nasa) (Shot By. Dinero Films)

Clout Godz - Murder She Wrote [Shot by Push28.TV]

Menace Missa - Thrax [Shot by A CG Film]

TNR Curly ft Royal Serg - IDC [Shot by A Solo Vision]

Tay Gotti - Strappies [Shot by ChiMarley Visuals]

Chick Montana - Genius [Shot by A Mac Film]

Wooda ft. Tanka Man - Gang [Shot by Chicago EBK]

71Timmo - RIP [Shot by Chicago EBK]

TTE - Ballin' Hard [Shot by Dinero Films]

J4YY - Champion [Shot by A Solo Vision]

City - Wish [Shot by A CG Film]

Marko V - Something New [Shot by FreeFAM Inc.]

Too Klean - Deja Vu [Shot by Lyrikal TMG]

ODD YOUNGIN - Hot Boyz [Shot by Ogun Pleas Films]

JHoodDMG - Gangway [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Tay Sav - Hide And Seek [Shot by A309 Vision]

King Jmoe - Next Song (Freestyle)[Shot by HigherSelf Films]

Lil LLoyd - Daniel Mode [Shot by ChipSet Productions]

Frito - Fighting Demons [Shot by A Fly Visual]

MoreWop - Mo Wock [Shot by Rickee Arts]