Neal Montana - Existence (Prod by Bishop Beats)[Shot by A Savage Film]

Jayfifteen ft KJ Da God & Boss Tunechi - Drumline [Shot by Cannon Cam Productions]

KaJahn Ari - Distraction [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

Tee Benji ft YE - Younginz [Shot by ChipSet Productions]

G Reese - DIP [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Polo Three Five ft Dub Zero - Drama [Shot by Ameer YD]

Mercocet ft Ksav Wavy - Slatt Science [Shot by Milky]

Dotchi ft KD Young Cocky - Non Sense [Shot by All Bout Cash Films]

FYB J Mane - Niggaz Mad [Shot by Camm J Boyd]

Shakey ft Pretty Red - Hypnotize [Shot by A Mario Film]

Lil Josh - Real Spit [Shot by Sako]

Ghee Lulu - Hell Hole [Shot by DBandz Filmz]

KingPinRue - Bout That [Shot by Lakeshore HY]

Ronn Taylor - Why So Serious [Shot by Cannon Cam Productions]

C Desolation - Walk N Drip [Shot by KC Visuals]

Twista - War Ready (Prod by DJ Tight Mike)[Shot by Gravitii Films]

KSav - Cap And Die [Shot by Nugget Films]

Vyro - Hood Dreams [Shot by Young Will Productions]

MB Monie - With That [Shot by Kaybee Visuals]

Chris G - Free Smoke [Shot by Money Strong TV]

BTB - Hard To Kill [Shot by Open Word Films & Ameer YD]

Twista - How I Look [Shot by Gravitii Films]

Lil Ceno First 48 [Shot by RIck Dawg]

Chico Gonzalez - 708 Flow [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

Ron Dawgg - Picture Me Rollin [Shot by Slimy Films]

Fendi Frost - Tsunami Wave [Shot by LB Vision]

Naybahood - MM MM MMM [Shot by Samcin]

Budda P ft Que Twice - H.A.S. (Ain't Safe)(Prod. by Valee)[Shot by High Vision Films]

Twista - Summer 96 (The Mixtape) (Hosted by DJ Pharris)

Trill - Street Sh*t (Prod by All Day & Fatality) [Shot by Young Will Productions]

MBAM Lil Flip - Again [Shot by A Fly Visual]

OTE JD ft DSMM - Freestyle [Shot by Chicago EBK]

IAmGBF - 2019 Flow Pt2 [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Mikey O - Big Bands [Shot by Tev Desh Productions]

Twinn ft Dmoe - 100 Racks [Shot by Visual Paradise]

Reemy Bandz - For the Team [Shot by A Choices Films]

Situated Shottazz - Call Me Shottaz [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Dave Otto - Mission [Shot by Dinero Films]

Fast Money Sunny - Crazy Story (Remix) [Shot by Billy Kauck]

AYA Jocka & AYA Money - No Hook (Prod by Gerial)

Lil Zay Osama - Back When I Was Young (Prod by Xcelence) [Shot by Dog Food Media]

Checkout Famous - Gang Sh*t [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Gsfeb Ready -Feel Good [Shot by Passport Trace]

TwentyThreeLDot - Bears [Shot by LMI Filmz]

Diego Da God - News [Shot by Vision Godz Films]

MTS Zo - Lemon Squeeze [Shot by Chicago EBK]

HappyBirthdayCalvin ft Tati - Kari's Song (Long Way Home) Official audio

Booman Forever - Booman TV LP

Tookie Jordan - Skateboard Tookie [Shot by A Solo Vision]

Young Tupac - Go Forest [Shot by Money Strong TV]

PGF Nuk - Slay [Shot by ACG Film]

Emontre' - Paper Chase (Prod. by Trvpyyy)[Shot by Will Mass Productions]

Young E-Rob - Right Of Way [Shot by Billy Kuack]

Flash - Still Tippin' (Freestyle)[Shot by REDThxDirector]

Jimbo Duh Kidd ft KiaGotaChoppa - 1000 Ounces [Shot by Ogun Pleas Films]

Lil Zay Osama - Why They Be Lyin' [Shot by BCP Brandon]

600 Breezy - Dope [Shot by 3rd Eye Prodcutions]

King Hunnid ft Zo Bandz Crazy Story (Remix) [Shot by Money Strong TV]

B Dub - Celebrate [Shot by Drewski Films]

Ahmyo ft Pyure Waterr -Home [Shot by KSingles]

Glahh Father - Wet Flow (Prod. by DJ Mil Ticket) [Shot by LMI Filmz]

Solution ft G Mac - Now or Never [Shot by LMI Filmz]

Nakiyyah ft D.MAck - Seduction [Shot by D Hayes Creative Visuals]

FBG Dutchie - Do It [Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visuals]

Mook ft BDA YC - Body 4 Body [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Tee Benji - Resting [Shot by Jean Lamont]

Glockboy BoBo - First Day Out [Shot by ChicagoEBK]

Ebone Hoodrich ft Swagg Dinero Nothing New [Shot by MoneyStrong TV]

Reckless Cartel ft Nephew & Durty Jones - Cappin [Shot by Chosen One FIlms]

Rooga - No Option [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Bando Brando ft Ice Face - I Get It [Shot by A Mac Film & ACG Film]

Lil Twan - Zoo [Shot by A Mac Film]

Young Viller - Zumies [Shot by Drake Of Chiraq]

TrenchMobb - Scary Sight [Shot by Mike Production]

King Louie - Tesla (Prod by C Sick) [Shot by Damien Sandoval]

King Stoneyy - God Body [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Jracks - Run It Up [Shot by Rickee Arts]

King Lo - Stressing [Shot by Dinero Films]

Baby Sliiime ft Jefe Harro - Da Vibes [Shot by Dinero Films]

K Money - I See Why [Shot by Savage Films]

Young Chop ft Chief Keef - Let's Get It (Remix) Official Audio

King Boo -Granny House [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Johnny May Cash - Thoughts [Shot by Ross Media]

KD Young Cocky - Got A Lot (prod by Dbrooks Exclusive] [Shot by Dog Food Media]

KE Money - Cold Summer [Shot by Savage Films]

Savage Trey - Homicide [Shot by DBandz Filmz]

Y.K Supe - Baby Birkin [Shot by Milky]

Rose ft HardKnock - Load [Shot by Yardie Film]

Young King - Last Year [Shot by Lakeshore HY]

MoreWop - Over Flow x2 [Shot by Rickee Arts]

ReeseMonaye - Father Time [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Cam Jae - The Mob [Shot by Billy Kauck]

GuestPlayer - Modern Day Crimes [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Real Supah - Patrick Bateman [Shot by Visual Paradise]

HundoBoyy - Shameless [Shot by A Fly Visual]

Jracks - 093 Dead Opps [Shot by Prince Films]

Franco G - Stain The Plug [Shot by DADA Creative]

Don of CashOverClout - 1Day1Night Ep

CheckOut Famous ft Mulahveli - Neva Make It [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Young Chop - For A Reason (Official Audio)

JmoefrmdaBAM - LowLow [Shot by Money Shot D]

Lil Meechie - Do What I Want [Shot by Dinero Films]

T Streetz ft Dell Gotti - Important [Shot by Mike Make Movies]

Davinci - Explosion [Shot by B- Lones Films]

RoadRunner Luka ft L Gado - Big Feet [Shot by Casual Killers]

Delo Do Numbers - First Of All [Shot by LMI Filmz]