Yb ft. Memo600 - Answer [Shot by Mitch Films]

Doo Wop - Cappin Aint Dead (Intro) [Shot by J Visuals]

LGado - IKon [Shot by J Visuals]

GuwopGang WeirdBoy - FUEGO [Shot by Passport Trace]

MoeMoe Mane - For Real [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Machio Hendrix - Soaring [Shot by Incredible Visuals]

Trench Mobb - High Up [Shot by Billy Kauck & Exqlusive]

Rico Recklezz - Raheem [Shot by Teez Visuals]

Tymoe2x ft JMG Curry - Gang Banging [Shot by 16 Shot Em Visualz]

Ada Gang Cdot - Fast [Shot by Breezo Production]

SG Batman - No Option [Shot by Toinne]

AR - Love My Niggaz [Shot by Young Will Productions]

B Nod - Nightmare [Shot by Blayke BZ]

Pac Man - Make it Out [Shot by A Mario Film]

K Kool - I Do [Shot by Vision Godz]

Ebo Dale - Stackz [Shot by Exqlusive]

Lil Savage ft. Munchie - Onna Block [Shot by A1 Visuals]

Young Dolo ft Lil Will - Halloween [Shot by King Prodoctions]

Basedbruh ft. J Ambitiouz & Saint the Good Boy - Don't Do That [Shot by Blue Cheese Gang]

AK Tone ft. Boss Yae & Problem Da Hoolie - Draco On The Side [Shot by LMI Filmz]

TG Montana - Take Off [Shot by Muhira Visuals]

Lil Zay Osama - Ballin Dese Bitches [Shot by Diamond Visuals]

Zay Savage - Push It (Freestyle)[Shot by Qncy]

Big Drago - 20 Rackz [Shot by Ryder Visuals]

King JumpOut - Bottom [Shot by A Mac Film]

Ave Nessvah ft JP - Welcome To The Party [Shot by Jared Doin Numbas]

BDA YC ft BDA Nino - Lurkin [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Migo Hoodrich - Biscotti [Shot by TSIMS Films]

JG - College Girl [Shot by Cosmiczel Productions]

S7eaze - All Time Low [Shot by Dog Food Media]

Lil John 2 Timez - Dey Dey [Shot by Dib Ent]

Vada T.V.E - Phase Me [Shot by Day One Visuals]

Lil Prada - Ring Ring [Shot by Walternate Reality]

Weasel Sims ft Bodi DeeDer & Fendi Frost - Extra Cheese [Shot by Clark Airlines]

Slutty Baby - Heart [Shot by Mitch Films]

CVinchi - Famous Jett Jackson [Shot by King Art]

MBE Finesse - Halo [Shot by Dinero Films]

I.L Will - No Pad No Pen (Prod. By Dave The King)[Shot by LB Vision]

Ant HotHead - Yea Yea [Shot by A Mac Film]

KD Young Cocky - I'll Never Know [Shot by Lakeshore HY]

BDA YC ft. Mook & BDA Nino - Sanguine [Shot by LB Vision]

Tibby ft Mix - The One [Shot by Dog Food Media]

Famous ft Boo Nop - Gimme That [Shot by Savage Films]

Dee Montana ft DmanGang Renny - Timeless [Shot by A Mario Film]

Remy7Teen - All My Girls [Shot by KC VIsuals]

TB ft. Lil Randy & Prince Glo - Kill Bill [Shot by Dib Ent.]

Boss Great - Back In Pt2 [Shot by Young Will Productions]

PKilla - King Supa (Prod. by PKilla)[Shot by A Choices Films]

Tman Sming - My Brothas [Shot by Passport Trace]

7ucky 7ou - Tetris 99 [Shot by Mud Made Ent.]

O Kane - Self Control [Shot by KC Visuals]

LMG OT - So LMG {Shot by A Mac Film]

Perria - Love Live On (Prod by The Avionics)

Benji Glo - Dope Man [Shot by Milky]

Donny Konz - Mind Of A Maniac [Shot by Drewski Films]

Mauri Otto - Bring Me His Head [Shot by A1 Visuals]

Gabby - Opp B*tch [Shot by 16 Shot Em Visualz]

Korporate ft Brazile Marie - Real Tears (Prod by D.Brooks Exclusives)[Shot by ChiMarley Visuals]

TheBroker - Hott Shit (Prod By JTK & All Day)[Shot by KOLDView Films]

Rooga - Rollin (Freestyle) [Shot by Billy Kauck Productions]

Timo - Kill Switch [Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visions]

Glizzy Glow - Shoot Out (Remix) [Shot by Qncy]

Jmoe - VVS [Shot by Rickee Arts]

PDawg ft Big Homie Sincere - Do Better [Shot by 4 Five HD]

Johniee Cash - Pay Attention [Shot by Young Will Productions]

WudaSupreme - Wudacris [Shot by Dinero Films]

Vino G - God Smile (Intro) [Shot by A Mario Film]

Trello - Shoe Box Money [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Lil Reese ft. OJ300 & JL300 - 300 Cross [Shot by LDR.Vision]

KutThroat Royal Baybee - DeadManz [Shot by A Mario Film]

Twista ft. Berner & Clark Airlines - So Fresh So Clean [Shot by Gravitii Films]

YDotGDot ft FBG Dutchie & FBG Young - To The Max [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Chance The Rapper ft Made In TYO & DaBaby - Hot Shower [Shot by Reel Goats]

Hussle Young ft Vaee - Know It [Shot by Yardie Films]

Birdd Luciano - I Ain't Leave You [Shot by Qncy]

Louie DeNiro ft Rambo Chamberlain - Facts (Freestyle) [Shot by Blayke BZ]

Tappa Walo - Trying [Shot by A Solo Vision]

E'Vo ft Jubal - Big Backwoodz [Shot by CVO Films]

Bllak - Switching Flows [Shot by Passport Trace]

Lil Trail - No Emotions [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Cosha TG - Broken [Shot by Dog Food Media]

Finesse Kidd ft. YTL T.Y - 098 Freestyle [Shot by G Vision Films]

Kezo - This Way [Shot by FreeFAM Inc.]

Calboy - 12 [Shot by Spencer Sease]

Fat 4 Glo - Whole Lotta [Shot by Romel Collins & Trent Lilly]

Money Mitch - Rulers Back [Shot by Billy Kauck]

ATM Curry ft Reese Money - Deeper Than Rap [Shot by Breezo Production]

Lil Shauno - Crunch Time [Shot by TSIMS Films]