Blue Face ft Polo G - Murder Rate [Shot by IMG]

G4 Boyz ft Chief Keef - Local Scammers [Shot by Kay Dotti]

Lil Randy ft Shoota Mac - Been Balled [Shot by Billy Kauck]

DCG Shun ft DCG BSavv & Heavy Steppers - Ok (Remix)[Shot by Laka Films]

Swagg Dinero - Switch Cars [Shot by TMC]

Calboy ft Fivio Foreign - Rounds [Shot by Nicholas Belotti]

Lil Durk ft Lil Baby & Polo G - 3 Headed Goat [Shot by Lyrical Lemonade]

Korporate - Freedom [Shot by Koldview Films]

Booka 600 - My Last (Prod by Aye TM)

Smiley - Over You (Prod by DBrooks Exclusives)[Shot by DGainz]

THF Twin ft THF Lil Twin - No Auto [Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visions]

MAF Teeski - Got The Streets [Shot by Rickee Arts]

New Ara - Gang (Part 3) [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

DBO YMM - 2 New Glizzys [Shot by A Fly Visual]

Montana Of 300 ft OD Quake - I Can't Breath [Shot by FGE Devon]

Blackgate Benz Zoe - 9 innings [Shot by Lil Q Films]

Memo 600 ft Lil B - Blickys [Shot by Diesel Films]

Calboy ft King Von - Brand New [Shot by Tee Glazed It]

Lil Chris ft FBG Duck - Young And Living (Prod by Digi Beats)[Shot by Money Strong TV]

Trello - Snitch9 [Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Vision]

Ball Out - Go [Shot by Mula]

Shawty 4 - EastEnd Victory [A Mac Film]

King Ace - Misunderstood [Shot by Zae Visuals]

Lotty Scotty ft Twista - Sex Dance [Shot by Sayyo Productions]

Korporate ft J Writes Gee Gray - I Cant Breath [Shot by KoldView Films]

MLB Drippy - Lately [Shot by Wood Eee]

IL Will - Spray 4 Me [Shot by KC Visuals]

Blayke BZ - GlockaRoni & Cheese [Shot by Blayke BZ]

Young Goon - Knuck If You Buck (Remix)[Shot by Yardie Films]

MickO ft Big Daddy Deja & Lul Jaida - My Dawg[Shot by Dinero Films]

DBO YMM - Threat In The Booth [Shot by A Fly Visual]

DCG Shun ft DCG Bsavv - Dem Faces [Shot by Mark Walters]

Caszo ft Johnny May Cash - Remember When [Shot by A Paul John Film]

Geno Pacino - Pure [Shot by Caliko Media]

Bankrose - Groovey [Shot by 5M Studios]

Young Dolo - Got To Watch [Shot by Mad Kingz Productions]

Belvy ft Mikey Dollaz - Wet [Shot by TevDesh Productions]

JL300 ft ChiefMufasa - Get Em [Shot by Qncy]

Dankoo - Like That [Shot by TSIMS Films]

Elvy The God - Mass Destruction [Shot by CVO Films]

Boss Baby Ko - Smoke [Shot by ChipSet Production]

Blazo - Going Down (Remix)[Shot by Rickee Arts]

DJay ft MAF Teeski - Image [Shot by Rickee Arts]

Young Famous 600 - 2 Many [Shot by JSmith Films]

Dank4 ft Big Joko - Moody [Shot by Billy Kauck Productions]

Glizzy Glow - We Paid (Remix) [Shot by Qncy]

Mr450 - Mobb Talk / TalkMyShit [Shot by Young Will Productions]

YRT Matt - Skipping School [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Young Savage - Savage Bandana [Shot by KC Visuals]

FTO Big Guy - New Glocks [Shot by Rickee Arts]

Nick Run it Up - Flippa Next Door [Shot by LMI Filmz]

El Hitta - El Toxic Pt2 [Shot by Icognito Productions]

Lotta Bandz - Warm up [Shot by A Mac Film]

Lil Sav ft Leek Foe & Ty2Hot - Fuck Da Ops [Shot by Breezo Productions]

Crude Moxie - Fresh Azimz (Remiz) [Shot by KoldView Films]

SG Batman - Back 2 Back [Shot by Night Runner]

Lil Geno - Go [Shot by Qncy]

Tookey - Real Bish Vibes [Shot by Young Will Productions]

King Polo - Back 2 Back [Shot by Yardie Film]

CGE ft Ferrari Yanni - High [Shot by DADA Creative]

Fly Skinz ft Buck773 - No Love [Shot by Qncy]

Majin Manno - Rubix [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Hitt City Kevo - Off Back [Shot by Rickee Arts]

Lil Zay Osama - Forever [Shot by Diamond Visuals]

Pretty Gal Sy - My Way [Shot by Yardie Films]

SDot - YKWYk/Love Me Now ft Lotice [Shot by Camera Godz]

Tadoe - Get This Bag [Shot by Taylor Wxrren]

Lil Randy - How He Know That [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Jefe Bluntana ft Zae - No Rap Cap [Shot by 20Twenty Ent.]

Timo - OTF [Shot by TeeGlazedIt]

Stunt Taylor - Take A Risk [Shot by King Art]

JuiceWLRD ft Trippie Redd - Tell Me U Luv Me [Shot by Lyrical Lemonade]

Slimelife Shawty ft Lil Durk - Brazy [Shot by Jerry Production]

FBG Duck - Strong (Prod by RJae Da MVP)[Shot by Billy Kauck]

King Samson - State Of Emergency [Shot by MoneyStrongTV]

Rezo NDA - Free DThang [Shot by A Mac Film]

Backend Boogie ft Lil Trail - True Colors [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Tooly - Lamon Life [Shot by A 309 Vision]

TLN CJ - Onnat Car [Shot by A Mac Film]

JaySav - Mood [Shot by Savage Films & Trilla TV]

Bonnie 1100 - Run Ya Mouth [Shot by A 309 Vision]

Loso Way - Lost My Top [Shot by A Mac Film]

Luckey ft Gino1300 - Im On It [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Jack Drilly ft KD Young Cocky - Homicide [Shot by Qncy]

OG Stevo - Voices In My Head [Shot by Ryan Lynch]

Re Alissa - Remember [Shot by CVO Films]

Lil Lord - Book Bag (Remix) [Shot by A Mario Film]

Mac - Grind Mode [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

NLMB Diesel - Welcome To The Party (Remix) [Shot by Eastside 1080]

Damo Cash ft Gene Mack - Aint Makin Nothing [Shot by Adobe Bryant]

NoLuv Nino ft Vert - Talk My Shit [Shot by Savage Films]

FYB J Mane - Eberhart [Shot by Willy P Visuals]

Buck 773 - We Paid (Remix)[Shot by Qncy]

Memo 600 ft Lil B - Get Busy [Shot by Diesel Filmz]

PFG Nuk ft Tay Sav - Beyond Popped [Shot by Breezo Productions]

Poetic Nini - No Hook [Shot by KC Visuals]

Lil Escobar - No Hook [Shot by Dinero Films]

DBO YMM - All The Smoke [Shot by A Fly Visual]

Gucci Doll - Yikes (Remix) [Shot by Flawless Visuals]

Slide - Facts Pt3 [Shot by Dib Ent]

KNine - Take Off [Shot by 710 Cheech Beats]

Tray Blaze ft Shon Morris - Midwest Wave [Shot by A Solo Vision]

Tone800 - Ion Like That [Shot by Qncy]

Rook - Hell Cat [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

FlinCity TIP - On Me [Shot by KoldView Films]

AMG Bell D - Wrong Way [Shot by Money Strong TV]

SquaddBoy - Take Down [Shot by Qncy]

B Bandz - Its is What it Is [Shot by Chase Walker]

Lil Trail - Fuck Love [Shot by Milky]

Dezzo The Menace - Gang Night [Shot by Milky]

G Mister ft Blazo - Ganging [Shot by Drewski Films]

Lil Pat ft KC Money - Make A Mess [Shot by A CG Film]