El Hitta - Science Flow [Shot by MO Films]

Booka 600 - Bison [Shot by DADA Creative]

My Mixtapez - The Land (Documentary) Feat El Hitta, Calboy, Polo G, Lil Zay Osama, Elvy The God

PJ Wolf - Olympian [Shot by Visual Paradise]

P. Rico ft Hittz - Shots Fired [Shot by Illusionary Films]

Reese Money - Again [Shot by 4FiveHD]

FYB J Mane - Next Song (Remix) [Shot by Drake Of Chiraq]

Johnny Dash ft Big KB - Deuce Block Anthem [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Los - Period [Shot by Chosen One Films]

Jig - Do Not Disturb (Letter To My Ex) [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Ann Marie - My Body [Shot by Damien Sandoval]

DDE - Cypher [Shot by Mike Productions]

YSC ft Sino - Money From Nothing [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Birdd Luciano - After Miami [Shot by Qncy]

Shakey - Beyonce [Shot by A Mario Film]

Famouss Jayy - Demon [Shot by Incredible Visuals]

Montana G - Spinning Blocks [Shot by TSIMS Films]

Hothead Tiso ft Jay Lean - Mood [Shot by Exqlusive]

BigBossTrell - Chinatown [Shot by Billy Kauck]

King Pyro - Farenheit [Shot by Kaybee Visuals]

CDot Honcho - Too Fast [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

Korporate - Inside (Prod by D.Brooks Exclusive]

45 Moknut ft Ballyfest - Dont Get US Started [Shot by Dinero Films]

Lil Keso - Yeah Yeah [Shot by A1 Visuals]

oGDC - Str8 Bars Part 2 [Shot by 4FiveHD]

Kidd Kenn - Exposing Me (Remix) [Shot by ChiMarley Visuals]

SaneGang Twaun - Never Cared (Remix) [Shot by KC Visuals]

Lil Treezo - Get To Know Me [Shot by A1 VIsuals]

Julian Robertson -Real Talk [Shot by HigherSelf Films]

Doo Wop ft G Herbo - 19 [Shot by Colourful Mula]

TTB Stripes - Murda Gang [Shot by Jareddoinnumbas]

FlyNari - Flying Colors [Shot by Kaybee Visuals]

F.E.B Chop - Boogie Forever [Shot by 4FiveHD]

VDubb - Just Bars [Shot by A Solo VIsion]

Kwofi ft JSO - Night Sky [Shot by Incredible Visuals]

Roy Smooth - Love Or Hate [Shot by Ogun Pleas Films]

PaperWork - On The Regular [Shot by Tev Desh Productions]

Lil Ant ft Gotti - Intro [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Mishul - Prince [Shot by 16 Shot Em Visualz]

Mari Lens - Cry [Shot by REDthxDirector]

Damo Cash - Bag Of Money [Shot by 198V]

Dj Shon ft Slitta -Runaway [Shot by Lakeshore HY]

Tashon - Heartless [Shot by Eastside 1080P]

Boss Trey - Magic [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

Money Makin Waun ft Haydog - Trials & Pain [Shot by Chicago EBK]

PGE Jay - Off The Top [Shot by A Mac Film]

Johnny May Cash -Die This Month [Shot by TSIMS Films]

Lil Durk - Green Light [Shot by Lyrical Lemonade]

Bruda The God - Trouble Maker [Shot by Drewski Films]

KKraft - Higher [Shot by Savage Films]

Lil Escobar - Hood P [Shot by Dinero Films]

Reaper (Reap Sosa) - Sacrifices [Shot by Mike Make Movies]

Munna XV - Scorchin [Shot by KC Visuals]

Mari - Day by Day [Shot by D Bandz Filmz]

Kenny G - Bag [Shot by Yardie Films]

Almighty Moo ft MTS Juss - War [Shot by Drewski Films]

Bully - Move (Prod by All Day of 80 Apes) [Shot by Young Will Productions]

King Lavish ft Stoop Kiid & Prive City - Swerve [Shot by Tev Desh Productions]

OTF Trail - Trailimony [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Drake Of Chiraq - I'm Da Man [Shot by CammJBoyd]

Rambo ft Kng JumpOut - Warning Shots [Shot by A Mac Film]

Lil Durk - Green Light (Official Audio)

Lil Eli - Ride For Me [Shot by A Mac Film]

BCG Lil Fame ft Tino Marleyy - Mindset [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Lil Pookie - Im Back [Shot by A Mac Film]

Yung Joby - Trial [Shot by Visual Paradise]

Tayco - Seen It [Shot by Ryder Visuals]

SRT Kazzy ft SRT Bigg Shugg - YNW Melly [Shot by Kaybee Visuals]

Lil Kie - Zoo Anthem [Shot by RedthxDirector]

Ty ft Savo - We Out [Shot by Inzone Audio Visuals]

OTP Steve O ft King Louie - RARA Pt2 [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Calboy - Birds [Shot by Mello Vision]

FBG Young - Bomboclot [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Vic Mensa - 3 Year Sober [Shot by Frank Fernandez]

Eski - Poka Dot [Shot by A Mac Film]

Savage DADA ft Myro Max - Huh (Remix)[Shot by KC Visuals]

Crude Moxie - Mirror Mirror [Shot by Ameer YD]

Savage DADA ft Myro Max - Huh (Remix) [Shot by KC Visuals]

P Killa - Next Song (Remix) [Shot y A Choise Films]

Z Moo - To The Riches [Shot by Young Will Productions]

Memo 600 - Wipe Yo Nose [Shot by Laka Ent.]

FBG Young ft VVS Sir - Latest Fashion [Shot by A Mario Film]

50K Fame - Where You Been [Shot by Will Mass Productions]

YTS Keese ft Boss Chico - 9300 Babies [Shot by TSIMS Films]

Puffs - Breaking Bad [Shot by Nugget Films]

Carl Phresh - Dangerous Souls [Shot by Milky]

Pills Montana - I Got Sumn To Say [Shot by A1 Visuals]

Katie Got Bandz - Rebirth (The Mixtape)

Douwey ft Lil Moni, King Keevo and Dsco - 1911 [Shot by Higherself Films]

TTB Nez - Off The Floor [Shot by Rickee Arts]

EJ Da Gee ft Doughboy -Why [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Chief Montana - Crank (Freestyle) [Shot by Ryder Visuals]

Blayke BZ - Breakfast Flow [Shot by Adrian Tha Promoter]

Zay Da Goat - No Auto Zay [Shot by ChiMarley Visuals]

Situated Shottazz - Geek'd [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Boo Stilla - King [Shot by Chicago EBK]

Shawty 4 - Snitch K pt 2 [Shot by A Mac Film]

Jimbo Duh Kidd - YNA (Young N***a Anthem) [Shot by Ogun Pleas Films]

Teddy Bear - Beauty And The Beast [Shot by J Visuals]

Aye Whyee - Trappin & Rappin [Shot by A Solo Vision]

HJ Lenno ft HJ Doobie - Come Around [Shot by TSIMS Films]

Jono Santana ft Jay Bucks - One Way [Shot by Mike Make Movies]

Tookie - Shake It Fast [Shot by Ross Media]

JG Dooit - Black Heart [Shot by Azae Productions]

Benny Bans -BAN (Official Audio)

FBG Duck - On Dat Car [Shot by Billy Kauck]

Young Vetta ft Lil Zay Osama - New Life [Shot by Rickee Arts]

TC Gutta ft Sasha Go Hard - All Wins [Shot by Marquise Films]

Stunt Taylor - PHB [Shot by Drewski Films]

Cosha TG - No Friends [Shot by Dog Food Media]

Niko Mobb - Believe It [Shot by Qncy]