DQfrmdaO ft Prince Dre - Designer (Shot by Film Giants)

Lil Durk - Hanging With Wolves (Shot by Jerry Productions)

Big Bank Bandz - Casamigos Sippin (Shot by Young Will)

BigKayBeezy ft. G Herbo - Paraphernalia 2.0

Munna Duke - Passenger Side (Shot by Digital Reel)

Lil Durk - Hanging With Wolves (Official Audio)

Polo G - My All (Shot by Cole Bennett)

FBG Young - Steppin For It (Shot by Billy Kauck)

G Herbo ft. Offset - Aye (Shot by Damien Sandoval)

PGF Nuk - Shoot (Shot by Lou Visualz)

Lil Chris ft. FBG Duck & Mikey Dollaz - Long Way (Shot By Exqlusive)

Glockboy Shottaz - Rollin (Shot by Lou Visualz)

Rico Recklezz - Patti LeBelle (Shot by Lou Visualz)

Tink -Switch (Shot by Josh Jones)

PGF Nuk - Last Week (Shot by Rari Digital)

Vert - Cant Feel My Face (Shot by AMF Visuals)

Tray Tray - Free The Opps (Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visions)

Booka600 - Be Grateful (Shot by Joe Moore)

Chance The Rapper ft King Promise - YAH Know (Shot by DEXLVL)

Korporate - Black Chicago Be Like Ep 105 pt 11

Lil Chris - Its All Love (Shot by Exqlusive)

Rooga ft Mishul - Cross Faded (Shot by Billy Kauck)

SK ft. BigKayBeezy - SK Beezy (Shot by BShoota)

T Savage - Timmy Turner (Shot by A1 Visuals)

PGF Mooda ft PGF Nuk - Backend (Shot by Done By Mata)

L'rone ft. Benji Glo & Red Chapo - How We Bleed (Shot by Dib Ent)

7King - Stay Dangerous (Shot by Billy Kauck)

GlockBoy BoBo - No Auto Blow (Shot by Lou Visualz)

Carre Lekan - Live & Learn (Shot by Will Mass Productions)

CornBossUp - Issa Green (Shot by JUU4K)

Young Dashawn ft FBG Young - Menace (Shot by TevDesh Production)

JR007 - Last Call (Shot by AP Splash)

S7eaze - Im Him (Shot by Dog Food Media)

Tookey - Drop It (Shot by Lil E Films)

King Lil Jay - Fatty On My Daddy (Shot by A Solo Vision)

Lil Zay Osama - Blessings (Shot by MDotForMayor)

G Herbo ft Kodak Black - All That (Shot by Triptych Visuals)

Sinceree BME Releases "200 Racks Not Enough" album!

Shoebox Baby - Pissed Me Off (Shot by Film Giants)

Rico Recklezz - Same Old Me (Shot by MT Visions)

FBG Young ft. FBG Dutchie - See About It (Shot by Billy Kauck)

PGF Nuk ft Icewear VEzzo - Shut Up (Shot by Suave X Spark)

FBG Dutchie - Voices (Shot by Exqlusive)

S Dot - No Hook Pt 3 (Shot by G Nox Films)

Korporate - Black Chicago Be Like Ep 105 Part 10

G Herbo - It's Something in Me (Shot by Kevin Mares)

BandoKD ft KC Money & MBlock DieY - Fast Life (Shot by Higherself Films)

Ann Marie - STFU (Shot by Gravitii Films)

DwadeFromOBN - Terrorize The Raq (Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visions)

FYB J Mane Removed His OTF Tattoo And Got A New One?

Vert ft. DCG Bsavv & DCG Shun - Not Cheap (Shot by AMF Visuals)

Boss 30 ft Benji Glo - King Drive (Shot by DADA Creative)

Saint Crook - Still Active (Shot by O Visuals)

King Yella Got A New Chain!

RiskyBands - Pissed Off (Shot by Milky)

Shawty 4 - Funeral (Shot by A Mac Film)

DCG Shun ft. DCG Bsavv - The Biggest

Tray Tray - Opp Music (Shot by Rayy Moneyyy Visions)

PGF Nuk - Look Back (Shot by D1zzy P)

FYB J Mane Tattoos OTF On His Head?

Montanna ATM - Switches (Shot by Lou Visualz)

El Hitta ft Bankroll Breeze - Kids From The Block (Shot by Done By Mata)

757 BA - Gangsta Sh*t (Shot by RayyMoneyyy Visions)

MBlock TwoThree - Go Part 2 (Shot by EA 4K Films)

EL Hitta - Halloween Freestyle (Shot by Take Off Films)

Booka600 - Gotham (Shot by Joe Moore)

Micko - Pick A Side (Shot by A Mac Films & Dinero Films)

G Mac ft. G Hott & G Shoota - Crazy (Shot by EA 4K Films)

Vert - Red (Shot by AMF Visuals)

YTN Fat - Spazzin (Shot by EA 4K Films)

SG Batman - Make Me Sick (Shot by B Shoota)

Young Dashawn ft. FBG Dutchie - Mention Who (Shot by A Keso Production)

Qveen Lo' - Anime Bae (Shot by Shay Visuals)

Billionaire Black ft FYB J Mane & Extortion Gang - Fatality (Shot by JKD Productions)

Skin Bone - N!ggas (Thriller Remix) (Shot by TSims Films)

MBK Money - Crash (Shot by Kaybee Visuals)

Shorty Drew ft 600 Breezy - Meet The Blick Pt 2 (Shot by Bino Vision)

Doodie Lo Responds To FYB J Mane Being OTF

Tero - Eager (Shot by Dib Ent)

Lil Nano - Fck It (Shot by Lou Visualz)

Lil Chris - We Up Now (Shot by Dre Films)

YH Young Dolo ft YH Jae Doe - Talk My Sh*t (Shot by A Mac Film)

Mack Baybii - Tomorrow (Remix) (Shot by Ogun Pleas Films)

6300 Jinx Self - Ain't From My Hood (Shot by Shonteau Joshua)

Valee ft. MVM - Bali (Shot by Joey Simpson)

Queen Key - Good P***y (Shot by Projectzeezy)

PGF Tavo ft. PGF Nuk - What They Do To Me (Shot by Done By Mata)

Rob49 ft GHerbo - Add It Up (Shot by A Killer Jack Film)

King Samson - Reply (Shot by Rickee Arts)

Juice Wrld - In My Head (Shot by Grade A Films)

Baha Banks - Black Barbie (Shot by Drewski Films)

Flex Sinatra - Wicked (Shot by LJay Prod)

Lil Zay Osama ft. Icewear Vezzo - 41 Presidential (Shot by Diesel Films)

King Yella - Like Floyd (Shot by Recipe Films)

Polo G - Bag Talk (Shot by IJU Productions)

FYB J Mane Claiming Durk Sent Him Another Gift And Signed for $250k.

Kanye West Mural In Chicago Has Been Blacked out

Pretty Boss Poca - Drip Like This (Shot by Dinero Films)

Bandman Timo ft Bandman Twon - Law N Order (Shot by KingHammondTV)

El Hitta - Long Time (Shot by Take Off Films)

Benji Gang Black - Up One (Shot by Lou Visualz

G Mac ft. PressureTwin - No Runnin (Shot by EA 4k Films)

Lil Durk - Risky (Shot by Jerry Productions)

JHE Rooga, Trav, Flame, & Devo - Run Down (Shot by Billy Kauck)

PGF Mooda ft. PGF Nuk, PGF Jman , & 33illy - Say Dat Then (Shot by Ulises Salado)

G Herbo freestyle with LA Leakers

Ann Marie - Stranger Danger (Shot by Gravitii Films)

Blazo ft. Lil Chris - In My Feelings (Shot by Billy Kauck)

Boss BJ - Heavyweight (Shot by Milky)

BandoKD - Roll Up (Shot by Done By Mata)

Rapper from 63rd FYB J Mane Signed to OTF?

RiskyBands Ft MondoeSix4 - Glocks (Shot by Nick The Soul)